Friday, 2 October 2015

International Day of Non-Violence

2 October:  Is there a spot on the globe where human beings are not wreaking havoc on each other, the wonderful creatures sharing our world and the world itself.  We need to take control.  Stop fighting with each other in our daily lives, stop letting them drag us and our loved ones off to kill and be killed in wars that the powerful start for their own enrichment, and stop letting the Corporatocracy kill the land and those who depend on it for their survival, again, for their own power.  On this International Day of Non-Violence perhaps we can make our own personal promise to ourselves to let kindness guide our actions and not get pulled into any act that contravenes that promise.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Magi Cecilia - R.I.P. Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran. Shame on...

R.I.P. Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran.

 Shame on Indonesian President,
shame on Australian Federal Police. Eight people were executed last
night in a country that had been on its way to abolishing capital
punishment under the previous administration. If President Widodo
wanted to piss us off, he's succeeded with me. The most important thing
to come out of this particular case for me is that there should be an
investigation of AFP actions and policies in relation to this case and
others like it and the axe should fall on those in the agency with the
responsibility for sending these men to their deaths.

Brisbane-based lawyer says police could have saved Bali Nine pair.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

I'm with John Pilger on bombing tactics

Thanks John Pilger.  You always help me to keep my focus.  See his article on New Matilda here.

Much as my heart screams for us to bomb the crap out of the Islamic State because it oppresses innocent and largely helpless people who would love to be able to just live their lives, I know that it doesn't help and that those same innocents will be maimed, killed, orphaned, widowed or otherwise devastated by bombs.  I also want to bomb the US and its allies (us included) and the Israelis, all of whom are committing their atrocities. 

Unfortunately, that wouldn't work either, it would only make things worse.  Also, I might get killed which would not serve peace at all.  There's the point!  You rarely cut the head off the serpent in these actions.  Look what happened when the US suffered bombing.  The whole damn world got pulled in and bombs have been raining down on so-called terrorists ever since but there are more terrorists than ever.  We are, effectively, breeding them.

Difficult as it would be to achieve, it would be great if the so-called West could stand back and let countries and regions alone. Of course, that would need to include not supplying weapons and 'advisers'.  They will not do that of course because, like every tyrant in history, they want to own the world.  'They' at this particular point in history is the USA but just about all of 'them' in the alliance of the 'West' have had their turn and they still hear echoes of glory after all this time.  Perhaps that's why they ride the coattails of the current top dog.

Is there any hope that we the people can just not play any more.  I'm pretty tired of being a pawn on this gigantic board, where it's really hard to follow the game properly.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Blood for Freedom - a taste of the poet

Free eBook translated to English

I know
You own the world
The dagger
The whip
The hanging robe
The entourage
The Policemen
The Guards
Hunting dogs
I know your strength
Your army
Your horses
And your men
I know your shadow
When it falls on the objects
It destroys them
I know your eyes,
And what is between them
Of Betrayal
I also know my heart
And I
Pity you.
Abdul Karim Sabawa

Friday, 29 August 2014

Misogyny alive and well in video games

I came across the story of one woman's experience in the gaming world today and it reminded me to speak about that world - briefly, as I'm not an expert - to express my support for women in gaming and those who speak out in support of them.

Video games have been a niche market up until relatively recently thus are yet to be fully explored as a base of misogyny.  Now that world is becoming more and more mainstream and games are an art form in the view of many participants and interested parties (me included). The field is very much an adult environment, despite the popular notion that it's all about kids, however, kids are operating in that environment and doubtless being influenced by the online interactions and commentary.

Women gamers playing online are subjected to almost casual sexism and misogynistic assumptions, statements, even threats.   I am not a gamer myself (I don't have the coordination and reflexes for it, not to mention the memory) but I hear about the female experience from my son and particularly my daughter-in-law, keen gamers and commentators ( and other sources that I come across.  Mind you, at my age you tend to know it anyway because that's just the ongoing history of women moving and acting in the world.

When sites & critics speak out about misogyny, they tend to become targets.  This discourages and frightens many who, although they don't agree with the bad behaviour, don't want to be confronted themselves.  If we're silent in the face of this we're part of the problem.  We need to speak out when we see this going on because overwhelming the offenders with disdain is a powerful tool and the more who speak the more isolated those offenders become.

Here's an example of a critic's page:
Here's a tale of her backlash experience:

Sunday, 10 August 2014

The importance of pursuing war crimes in court

Given the unwillingness of powerful countries to have their actions examined in the press, let alone in the International Criminal Court, there needs to be a way to drag them into the ICC whether they like it or not, whether they acknowledge its jurisdiction or not, even if they refuse to comply at all.  Let's face it, given the choice, most criminals would not go to court to answer for their crimes.  So how come the world gives choice to the worst criminals of all - those who commit atrocities in the name of their state and its people.

The world may have turned a blind eye to the Nazi atrocities until after it was all over but that is no reason to repeat the deliberate blindness with Zionist atrocities.  Zionists do tend to overlook the fact that the Jewish people were not the only victims of Nazis, although that doesn't lessen the horror.  They are all crimes against humanity and the perpetrators and victims are all people with an equal right to life and liberty.

We MUST find a way to hold ALL STATES (not just the Africans) accountable to the world's people for the treatment of our human family.

Palestinian leaders poised to join ICC in order to pursue Israel for war crimes | World news | The Guardian

Relying on the Constitution to protect us?

I'm sometimes surprised that people think the Australian Constitution protects us.  The only things that protect us are our willingness to stand up and be counted for social and legal rights, for ethical and fair behaviours, for compassionate treatment of all life AND the ability to unite together in those battles.  Among the things we must do:

Most of all, take responsibility for our actions or, more to the point, our inactions.

House of Representatives Factsheet: The Constitution

The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz - Watch Free Documentary Online

This is a 'MUST WATCH' film. It is happening every day and if you're not against the ptb (powers that be) and their misuse of their power, you are part of their army, turning your 'guns' on the innocents who are trying to save the world. I do not believe it is an exaggeration to say that this is a life and death battle for world freedom and information is our ammunition. To get involved you can start right now to OPPOSE THE ACQUISITION OF METADATA! I need protection more from my government and the corporations that control it than I will ever need from terrorists.

The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz - Watch Free Documentary Online